The Kastellorizian Association of Queensland was founded in 1946.


The pioneers of our now Association came together as a group to keep the memories of their life on Kastellorizo alive. The aim of the Association was to provide the opportunity for people to meet and enjoy the company of other Kassies. In the early days their goals were simple; to discuss the old country, organise outings, preserve our traditions and help other Kassies in need.  These basic ideals are still the foundation of our great Association today.

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Cathedral of St Giorgis

This is the cathedral of St. Constantine and St. Helen. It was built circa 1835 in honour of the patron saints. The Church has a three-nave basilica, beautifully painted icons, marble icon screens and a tall marble bell tower. Granite pillars brought from Patara (Lycea) in 1835 are believed to be from the Temple of Pythius Apollo.